• Counselling for children 10 - 18 yrs and Parenting Counselling
  • Global Inclusive Society
  • Assessments
  • Online Training
  • Workshop/Seminar/Conference

After school intervention.
The strengths of the child is identified,we work more on the strengths to cope with the weakness.
We teach parents to guide the child in the same methodology. Each Child has an IEP (Individual Education Plan).

Global Inclusive Society is a platform for people, NGO’s, mainstream schools special schools and corporate. It is an effort to bring all the Main stream schools and Special schools, parents, NGO’s, doctors, Psychologists and therapists under one roof. This is a platform to exchange of knowledge and also get information about various facilities.

Keeping in mind the Importance of staying connected is most essential, an online portal which works as a platform towards inclusiveness

Identifying SLD (Indicators ) This is to identify the key indicators and understand the background of the difficulties of the child.

Educational Screening. This is to understand the levels or grades that the child is currently in also identify the strengths and weakness

This is done to understand the IQ levels and other Co morbid issues that a child has ,which is unidentified .This can help us plan an effective Educational Plan.

R'eussir new venture to introduced online training on specific topics for knowledge sharing .

We constantly strive to create new avenues and opportunities to people who want to understand more. We are a one step ahead in reaching out to people

Online training programs involve creating learning content on Power point presentations, interactive content, audio/video.

In addition to presenting course material and content, online training gives students the opportunity for live interactions and real-time feedback.

R’eussir conducts workshops for teachers, students and parents on various topics of SLD

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