R’EUSSIR is a French word means “successful” or "triumph". – REUSSIR is an Organization working for children with learning difficulties/disorder . We believe that every child has a potential and strength. We identify the strengths and work on them. Every child needs to lead a positive and stress free child hood. Children with learning difficulty would require more of emotional support or equivalent to academic.The first step children must take in a successful education is to learn and believe that they can learn.

  • 3 years about our journey
  • We have trained 1000 teachers in turn impacting 3000 children. Ratio is 1:3
  • Our Milestone is huge because 1 out of every 10 children have learning difficulties.

Shanthi Satish

She is the Founder & Director of Reussir trust and her qualification are MBA(HR), NLP(NFNLP), USA, Understanding Dyslexia(Alison, Ireland), M.Phil and pursing(PhD). She has started this organization to trainer teacher and special educator. She is very passionate about training and working with children. Her stint in the corporate for 15 years in Human Resources has helped her to focus on training teachers and also the need analysis. She has published papers on training need analysis. She is also a visiting faculty in various management colleges.

"we are national charity that takes action to change the lives."

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